Quitting Cigarettes – Help and Advice

You want to quit cigarettes? What do you do? Whose advice do you take? What should you do? I remember all these things running through my head when I decided to give up and the multitude of sites, books and advice in this area is staggering, contradictory and, quite frankly, off-putting to the potential ex-smoker.

So I’ve decided to collate the best advice here.

What the experts say isn’t always true – trust yourself

The first piece of advice is this – don’t take everything you’ve heard on the subject as gospel truth. There are many reasons for this:

  • Cigarette manufacturers are a hugely powerful lobbying force in north American and western European governments. It will not benefit them financially if you give up. So it is in their interests to obfuscate the anti-smoking message and downplay the harm that cigarettes can cause. They have been doing this for years and haven’t stopped now that the cat’s out of the bag and everybody knows that smoking’s bad.
  • Pfizer is one of the largest companies in the world and they happen to manufacture most of the cigarette cessation aids (patches, gum). If you think that you can only give up smoking with one of their products, you may be right, but they have spent countless billions of dollars trying to persuade you that this is true.
  • There is money to be made if you stay smoking; there is money to be made if you give up smoking. A lot of websites that claim to help you are actually poorly disguised feeder sites for certain products. Here, I recommend products but I also offer a free course in how to give up smoking by self-hypnosis that won’t cost you a penny!

“Pick a quit date”; “tell everybody about it”; “throw away your cigarettes”; “chew gum/wear patches” are just some of the pieces of advice that prove totally wrong for me!

What works for someone may not work for you. So, don’t worry, if you read that you’re going to have a terrible time giving up … it might not be true!

Keep busy

I’m not exaggerating: giving up smoking may well be the best thing you’ve ever done. It may lead to a new chapter in your live that you will look back on as one of the happiest periods of your life!

But you’re going to say goodbye to a habit – a part of your life – that’s been with you for a long time. So you’re going to have to replace it with something.

So, quickly, get a piece of paper out and write down 5 new habits/hobbies you can replace smoking with and try to do them all when you stop smoking. Here are some suggestions:

  • Do more exercise (the best, best thing you can do!)
  • Start creating more healthy and exotic recipes in the kitchen
  • Read more books about … (insert subject that’s of interest to you)
  • Look up some old friends you’ve been meaning to call
  • Watch less TV

OK, the last one is more of a negative than a positive new habit. But it’s a good one!

Smokers are often bemused by the amount of information about giving up cigarettes

Think about triggers

What sets you off wanting a cigarette? Drinking alcohol, going to bars, meeting certain people? Try to avoid these triggers for the first few months.


You can make positive suggestions to yourself whilst concentrating on your breathing. Try this. Similarly, if you get the urge to smoke, quietly take a moment to yourself to breath deeply and concentrate on the sensation of breathing, the feeling in your lungs, mouth, etc. It works, trust me!

Drink water

Similar to the above, just a glass of water can be enough to stop cravings sometimes.

Remember the feeling the last time you had a smokers cough or cold

The next time you reach to take a cigarette out of the packet, remember the pain smoking has caused you.


Hypnotize Yourself to Quit Smoking

Quit smoking with hypnosis

If you are looking on the internet for advice on quitting smoking you have my sympathy. You will run into a plethora of sites run by internet sharks and self-appointed smoking experts. Overall you will conclude two things: the first, it’s going to be difficult to quit smoking; the second, there are a lot of products to buy. I’m here to tell you two things: one, it’s not difficult to quit smoking; two, it won’t cost you anything. And the way to do this is: to hypnotize yourself to quit smoking.

You can hypnotize yourself to not feel the withdrawal symptoms so acutely when quitting smoking

In the Self-Help classic, Think and Grow Rich!, Napoleon Hill says that we all have the power to influence our subconscious minds and through this gain the cooperation of Infinite Intelligence.

In fact, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The skilled hypnotist merely directs the subject to auto-suggest.

Napoleon Hill also likens the subconscious mind to a fertile garden that will be overgrown with weeds as long as the gardener (that’s us) does not take care of what is planted.

You have complete control over what is planted in your subconscious mind, including the addiction to cigarettes, the only problem is that very few of us actually exercise the control over our subconscious minds.

So, how do you hypnotize yourself to stop smoking cigarettes

There are a number of ways. It’s not something that can be done hurriedly when you have a few moments to spare. It’s something you need to devote a certain amounts of time to everyday!

You can say things to yourself while you’re walking or doing a day-to-day task that doesn’t take up much brain power. For example, try saying to yourself “day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”.

This is a good start but you may not be actually making suggestions to your subconscious by doing this as you’re mind will be full of conscious thoughts. Your subconscious does take a bit of effort to get in touch with.

You can also actually communicate your desires to yourself out loud. Obviously you will have to find a quiet time to yourself to do this – I’m not advocated talking to yourself out loud while you’re out and about!

Try to clear your mind and affirm to yourself something you deeply desire: “I will stay smoke free”. “I will breathe in only fresh pure air into my lungs.” Or something like that.

But the best way to hypnotize yourself is to spend 10 to 15 minutes concentrating on your breathing. It may help to concentrate specifically on the sensation of the air going in and out of your nose as you breathe. Imagine the oxygen coming into your body giving life to your being, replenishing and satisfying you with every breath.

Once you have achieved a state of complete relaxation where your mind is 100% concentrating of the breath in the present moment and nothing else, then you can start to auto-suggest. Affirm to yourself (not out loud) your deep desires at this moment and you are communicating with your subconscious directly!

This is very powerful. Be careful what you wish for. Be very specific.


Quitting smoking using your conscious mind alone will be a long, constant struggle. The power of your subconscious mind – with hypnosis – will relieve this struggle and make it much easier, along with the other tips on this blog and in my e-book, to successfully become a non-smoker.


Meditation to quit smoking

Meditation to quit smoking

There is no specific way to do a meditation to quit smoking. Just normal “mindfulness” meditation will work.

If you’ve tried meditation before and felt that it isn’t for you then it is never too late to start again. In fact, an old Buddhist monk told me once that no one actually “meditates”, people only “practice meditation”. You won’t sit down, close your eyes and immediately empty your mind straightaway, experience the enlightenment and become Buddha.

You try, you practice. And with practice, you get better – just like anything else.

So, don’t worry if you think you aren’t making any progress or if you think you are wasting your time. No time spent practicing meditation is a waste. You are always improving. Teaching your mind mindfulness.

What to do if my mind starts to wonder?

You may be sitting with your eyes closed and realize that, instead of meditating, you have been thinking about what groceries you need to buy. But don’t worry if that’s the case, we all do these things! Just put your mind back on your breathing.

The best way to quit smoking is through mediation

Concentrate on the sensation of the breath going in and out of the nose. Watch your breathing and watch your mind. If you are completely in the moment of now – not dwelling on the past breath nor anticipating the next breath – you are doing it right.

It can be frustrating at first that your efforts in mindfulness are continually clouded by everyday thoughts but as long as you keep putting your attention back onto your breath you will start to improve you concentration.

How do I meditate in order to quit smoking?

There is lots of advice about what to affirm or imagine while you are meditating. For example, at the hiatus of your relaxation with the meditation you can affirm “I breathe easier and feel healthier every day” or visualize a mountain stream with crystal clear pure water. However, this is closer to self-hypnosis, as if you are affirming or imagining anything the you are not meditating.

Just the meditation alone will help you stop smoking. Remember to always meditate first thing in the morning before you’ve had a cigarette. Your lungs will be at their cleanest and you’ll will start to hate the thought of having your first cigarette after the meditation that has left you feeling so pure and clean.

Pretty soon, you’ll not want to smoke at all and leave out that first cigarette of the day. Maybe you’ll make it to lunch without having had one. Then see how you feel after lunch, see if you would want to smoke after the meal as normal.

But maybe you don’t want that one either! And so it goes on. See how long you can go without smoking. If you really want one, you can have one. But see if you can make it a full day without smoking.

If you can do that – last a whole day without smoking – then it’s likely that you won’t ever have another cigarette ever again.