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How to quit smoking naturally

How It Works

Natural Remedies to Quit smoking

Removing nictone’s toxic input into your body is good, but don’t replace it with an unhealthy substitute. Explore some of the natural remedies you can use to quit smoking.

Natural therapies to quit smoking

Giving up smoking is as much a mental challenge as it is physical. Keep your body, mind, and soul clear and focussed and build that mental resilience to keep cigarettes out of your life.

What happens after you quit?

After quitting, our bodies need to readjust to the absence of nicotine and its regular toxic deposits. Learn about the different side effects you may experience and how to overcome them.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

How to Actually Quit Smoking

I’ve listed a lot of natural remedies to quit smoking, but do they actually work? The scientific community scoffs at most remedial practices, putting them down as pseudo-science. But they’ve worked for many people and the only way to find out for you is to try. Start with meditation and make that a foundation of your daily habits to replace smoking. Then try some other remedies and therapies, and monitor your progress. What works for someone else may not work for you, but persevere, because it’s your perseverance combined with these options which will determine your ability to actually quit smoking. You can do it.

Habits to replace smoking

Whether it be your lungs or bloodstream, smoking unleashes a range of toxins into our bodies. That’s nothing new. There are many aids available to help us quit smoking, and although less toxic, they’re not exactly healthy. Or cheap. Which brings you here, because smoking is a habit and instead of substituting it for a similar habit, replacing it with natural and therapeutic approaches creates new habits which can not only help you quit smoking, but create other lifestyle changes.

Quitting smoking is tough.

Our body chemistry, thinking, and preferences will individually determine the answer to how to quit smoking easily. Let’s rephrase that: how to quit smoking the least hard way, for as much as you’re asking yourself is it possible to quit smoking cold turkey, the people you heard about in those stories are rare. I hope you are one of those who can quit smoking cold turkey, but don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t – smoking’s physical addiction is something even the strongest will struggle to overcome.

Therapies to quit smoking

There are many different therapies you can try to stop smoking. The simplest and potentially most effective is meditation. It can feel awkward to try, but using a free online meditation app and investing just ten minutes per day can have a substantial benefit. Acupuncture is therapy which changes the way a cigarette tastes, providing less incentive to smoke. Cold laser therapy is a more recent treatment which is typically applied to joint pain. It uses low-level light, or photons, to stimulate brain chemicals and reduce cigarette cravings.

“All the suffering, stress and addiction comes from not realizing you already are what you are looking for.”

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

"People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily"

– Zig Ziglar

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Herbal Supplements to Quit Smoking

Herbal supplements can also help reduce craving cigarettes by replenishing the body with the nutrients depleted from smoking. Supplements can also introduce other properties into your system. Homeopathic lobelia can help for quitting smoking, as can St John’s Wort. It is believed lobelia binds to receptors in the brain the same way as nicotine and reduces the craving. St John’s Wort is well known for combatting depression and although conclusive research is lacking, it has been helpful when quitting smoking gradually.

Foods That Reduce Nicotine Cravings

The key to reducing cigarette cravings is to reduce food cravings too. It’s easy for the body to confuse the too. Whereas your diet didn’t require much attention previously, cigarette cravings tend to amplify other urges we experience, such as hunger. By keeping your diet in check, you preoccupy your body with the process of digesting more complex foods. By complex, I’m referring to whole-grain and whole-wheat breads, and slow-burning carbs such as oats. Other positive foods are fruits and unsalted nuts.

Amino Acids to Quit Smoking

Amino acids contribute to our bodies by helping form proteins, hormones, and neurotransmitters. Smoking interferes with some of these processes, particularly our neurotransmitters. Once you quit smoking completely, that relationship formed between nicotine and your neurotransmitters is gone, which can disrupt your nervous system. L-theanine and L-tyrosine are the two most recognized amino acids for quitting smoking. Although typically available in supplement form, you can find L-theanine in black and green tea, and Bay Bolete mushrooms. L-tyrosine is prolific in beef, pork, salmon, tuna, and chicken, but for vegans and vegetarians, milk, tofu, egg, spinach, and sweet potatoes are great sources.