About Us

The site details a free and easy way to give up smoking without any withdrawal symptoms.

My name is Evan. I smoked a pack a day for over fifteen years. After many unsuccessful attempts, I gave up cigarettes over seven years ago and have never been tempted to smoke since.

I gave up one day suddenly, quickly and easily. As soon as that day was over I knew I would never smoke again and looked forward to a happy smoke-free life. It gave me a feeling of joyous liberation.

What is more, I never had any side-effects nor put on any weight.

There is a great lie being told. The lie is: “Giving up smoking is very difficult – almost impossible.” I disagree. I found it very easy. Did I spend a fortune on CDs, books, “specialists”, patches and gum? No. Not a penny.

The method I employed made giving up smoking easy and without any withdrawal symptoms. Maybe it’ll work for you!

A lot of people will try to sell you various things. I won’t – just the technique that I used to give up cigarettes.