Hypnotize Yourself to Quit Smoking

Quit smoking with hypnosis

If you are looking on the internet for advice on quitting smoking you have my sympathy. You will run into a plethora of sites run by internet sharks and self-appointed smoking experts. Overall you will conclude two things: the first, it’s going to be difficult to quit smoking; the second, there are a lot of products to buy. I’m here to tell you two things: one, it’s not difficult to quit smoking; two, it won’t cost you anything. And the way to do this is: to hypnotize yourself to quit smoking.

You can hypnotize yourself to not feel the withdrawal symptoms so acutely when quitting smoking

In the Self-Help classic, Think and Grow Rich!, Napoleon Hill says that we all have the power to influence our subconscious minds and through this gain the cooperation of Infinite Intelligence.

In fact, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The skilled hypnotist merely directs the subject to auto-suggest.

Napoleon Hill also likens the subconscious mind to a fertile garden that will be overgrown with weeds as long as the gardener (that’s us) does not take care of what is planted.

You have complete control over what is planted in your subconscious mind, including the addiction to cigarettes, the only problem is that very few of us actually exercise the control over our subconscious minds.

So, how do you hypnotize yourself to stop smoking cigarettes

There are a number of ways. It’s not something that can be done hurriedly when you have a few moments to spare. It’s something you need to devote a certain amounts of time to everyday!

You can say things to yourself while you’re walking or doing a day-to-day task that doesn’t take up much brain power. For example, try saying to yourself “day by day, in every way, I’m getting better and better”.

This is a good start but you may not be actually making suggestions to your subconscious by doing this as you’re mind will be full of conscious thoughts. Your subconscious does take a bit of effort to get in touch with.

You can also actually communicate your desires to yourself out loud. Obviously you will have to find a quiet time to yourself to do this – I’m not advocated talking to yourself out loud while you’re out and about!

Try to clear your mind and affirm to yourself something you deeply desire: “I will stay smoke free”. “I will breathe in only fresh pure air into my lungs.” Or something like that.

But the best way to hypnotize yourself is to spend 10 to 15 minutes concentrating on your breathing. It may help to concentrate specifically on the sensation of the air going in and out of your nose as you breathe. Imagine the oxygen coming into your body giving life to your being, replenishing and satisfying you with every breath.

Once you have achieved a state of complete relaxation where your mind is 100% concentrating of the breath in the present moment and nothing else, then you can start to auto-suggest. Affirm to yourself (not out loud) your deep desires at this moment and you are communicating with your subconscious directly!

This is very powerful. Be careful what you wish for. Be very specific.


Quitting smoking using your conscious mind alone will be a long, constant struggle. The power of your subconscious mind – with hypnosis – will relieve this struggle and make it much easier, along with the other tips on this blog and in my e-book, to successfully become a non-smoker.


Quit Smoking With Auto-Hypnosis

Hypnosis for quitting cigarettes

The most natural way to quit smoking is to use the power of one’s own mind. In doing so, there are many strategies that can be employed, and one of the most effective is known as auto-hypnosis, or self-hypnosis. Auto-hypnosis is a methodology in which a person uses suggestion to change the pattern of thinking within the subconscious – which is responsible for the craving – in order to alter their behavior.

Suggestion is more powerful when a person is in a relaxed state of hypnosis

What are hypnosis and suggestion, and how do they relate to each other?

Hypnosis works by creating a state of focused awareness. This could, for example, be on a candle, a shiny watch or the voice of the hypnotist. Suggestion is when a person directs a person’s cognition by using words. This can be themselves, as is the case with this method. Suggestion is far more powerful when performed on a person who is in a state of hypnosis. This is because elements of the subconscious mind screen incoming sensory impressions and stop unwanted ones from arising into conscious awareness. Performing this task is essential to prevent a person from being overwhelmed by sensory input, so it’s generally a good thing, but it does make it more difficult to change established behavioral patterns.

How to make yourself suggestible

The most important thing is to put yourself in a state of relaxation. The easiest way to do this is to find a large, soft chair or to simply lie down in bed. Make yourself consciously aware of your lower legs and feet, and tense and relax them several times. Do this until you feel them becoming loose, and then move on to the upper legs. Repeat the process for the hands and lower arms, then the stomach, then the upper arms and shoulders, and finally the neck and head. Keep doing this for ten minutes.

The second step is to bring in the state of hypnotic induction, or hyperfocus. It helps if you have a lit candle nearby (although obviously you don’t want to worry yourself about burning your house down). If you have a laptop with an interesting, rapidly-changing screensaver you can focus on the colors and patterns of that. Do this until you get a sense that ordinary reality is fading away.

How to use suggestion to kick the habit

Once you feel that your sense of ordinary reality is no longer as powerful as it usually is, you are ready to start making suggestions. Tell yourself, in a firm but non-aggressive voice, that you are a non-smoker. Tell yourself that your previous habits of smoking were an aberration from the path of your normal life, that you started smoking by accident, that it wasn’t really you who smoked. Tell yourself that you have the strength and will to refuse the cravings and temptations, and that when they do arise you will not give in but will see them as a minor irritation that will soon pass.

The next step is to imagine some situations in which you act like a non-smoker. Imagine yourself going to a party and being offered a cigarette, and, without a second thought, you refuse with the words “Sorry, I don’t smoke.” Imagine getting bad news from a telephone call, and after you hang up you sit down and reflect rather than having a cigarette. Imagine waking up in the morning and eating a fruit salad for breakfast instead of reaching for a smoke first thing. Try to cover all the situations in which you are most likely to give in.

For some people, this method will work straight away. For those more resistant to hypnosis it could take longer. You can use it as many times as you need to until your subconscious starts altering your behavior, and then the most important thing is to never look back.

Vince McLeod is a psychologist who believes that understanding the psychology of smoking is the best way to stop smoking cigarettes.