• Existence, thinking and stopping smoking
    There are many people who tell you rules about how to give up cigarettes. Here are mine: Don’t believe anything anyone has told you about this subject. Relax. Don’t worry. It’s not the most difficult thing in the world. All you can see on the internet about giving up is, generally, very serious. Pick a
  • How to give up smoking – thought procedure
    We all know that smoking is an addiction which, for some people, is deeply lodged in their subconscious mind. So, when wanting to know how to give up smoking, it’s necessary to examine our thought procedures to see if we can change some engrained beliefs as another line of attack against addiction. In order to
  • Why Most ‘Quit Smoking’ Methods Fail
    The ability to quit smoking is more than merely removing the substance from your everyday lifestyle. Many of us will attempt to quit only to fall off the wagon in a burning poof of ash. Regardless of how hard we may try, nothing seems to work. We could stand there chewing on nicotine gum with
  • Quit Smoking Cigarettes Through Definiteness of Purpose
    There is a problem for those people who wish to quit smoking cigarettes. The problem stems from the addiction – and it is a problem of desire and definiteness of purpose. The problem is this, we are told again and again: IN ORDER TO GIVE UP SMOKING CIGARETTES YOU MUST WANT TO!!!! But there is
  • Top 5 ways to Quit Your Smoking Addiction
    Cigarette smoking is the most preventable cause of death and illness in the US and the UK. Even though a medical warning is present on the outside of every cigarette package sold, over 1 million adults and children are still deciding to pick up this deadly habit every year. Many medical studies have shown that