6 Affirmations for Quitting Smoking: Powerful Statements to Help You

by Jan 31, 2022Psychology0 comments

All help is welcome when you’re trying to quit smoking. The support can come from the outside, but nothing is as powerful when you can count on something internalized within you, like mini mantras, for example. That’s what affirmations for quitting smoking stand for.

Affirmations are positive messages to encourage the person to remain quiet. These statements may be repeated to you regularly, especially at times of internal crisis.

Their strength is that they make you see what you can achieve and how strong you are with more clarity. That is an efficient tool for dissolving the desire to return to smoking addiction. 

In addition, this form of self-talk calms the person’s mind and heart. Therefore they feel more in control of their actions and emotions.

Here, we’ve gathered six powerful affirmations for quitting smoking to help you in your journey. Check it out! 

1. “I must stand for myself, for my health, and for those I love.”

The best affirmations are the ones that remind you of the reasons you need to be strong. It’s like an incentive to resist one more day.

You can also change the elements of this statement according to your reality. 

For example, for whom or what have you decided to quit smoking?

Your career? The aesthetics of your body? Your mental health? Your partner? Remember these things when making your affirmations!

2. “I feel good without smoking.”

The first affirmation is about the reasons that made you stop smoking. This one is about why you should stick to that choice.

It’s important to remember that you also feel good without smoking and that you can feel even better. 

This affirmation will help you realize that your breathing is better, you can perform activities without tiring, your blood pressure is ok, your breath is good, and so is your voice, etc. 

3. “Smoking is an addiction, not a relief.”

Most people start smoking as a way to relax, relieve or get away from something. However, this is the complete opposite of nicotine’s function. 

Nicotine is a psychoactive stimulant substance which means it increases brain activity. So the truth is, you must constantly remember this with the above statement.

Smoking is not a relief. It is not a reward or a way to fix problems. In fact, smoking has just become a new problem.

4. “It’s a pleasure to be smoke-free.”

To affirm at all times that you are free from smoking is to associate smoking with a prison. 

Although it seems heavy, this is an excellent way to remember that you don’t want to be stuck and want the freedom to live without addictions.

Therefore, regularly affirm that it is a pleasure to be free!

5. “Quitting smoking is a way of loving and respecting my body.”

Loving and being loved is chemically good for the body. When in love, the body has chemical reactions. That is through the flow of substances, such as adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, etc.

When you love your body, you are loving and being loved. Quitting smoking is an act of love and respect, so this must be a frequent statement to keep in mind.

6. “Smoking makes me feel sick.”

Cigarettes lower the smoker’s immunity, so it’s natural to feel and actually get sick more easily.

By repeating this constantly, you make room for realizing that you are ready to feel and look healthier.

Ready to feel lighter in your journey to healthier habits? Then, repeat these affirmations for quitting smoking whenever you need to! 

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