“Stop Smoking – The Essential Guide” review

This is a review of a fantastic little book on quitting smoking called “Stop Smoking – The Essential Guide” by Simon Daubney.

Stop_Smoking the-essential-guide

Simon had a habit of smoking more than 30 cigarettes a day (as I did), and as you may imagine, had struggled a great deal to try and stop. Simon has written down his personal experiences along his journey of quitting cigarettes into words. He has also researched the subject deeply and his hard work will now benefit others who read this book.

Around 100,000 people die each year in the UK alone due to smoking related illnesses like cancer and heart attacks. It is always best to take advice from an expert or someone who has quit smoking cigarettes after seemingly thoroughly addicted. Simon Daubney has experienced the highs and lows of quitting smoking, and his book can help with his own experiences.

I don’t have much faith in the nicotine replacement products marketed by the large pharmaceutical companies. They are mentioned in the publication but he also concentrates on common sense, home-grown experience to guide you through a successful quit.

There is much detail on picking a quit date and a diary and forms for you to fill in to gauge how you’re getting on and your improvement while quitting.

Another interesting section of the book explored the thought processes behind giving up. For example, the arguments for smoking are explored. Statements such as “smoking relives boredom” and “I need to smoke to combat stress”. Daubney forces you to examine these beliefs and challenges you to think about them to see if they are really true.

Similarly, the negative thoughts after quitting are explored. The author impresses upon us to observe our negative thoughts and explore their validity. Usually, if one does this, you can see that the negative thought is not really based in reality and can evaporate after applying logic and seeing how the thought process developed.

There are large sections in the book that explain how to deal with weight gain and increased stress after stopping smoking.

The book is obviously written for the UK market as there are lots of references to the NHS, etc. I hope that the non-UK readers of this site can get hold of a copy easily as the book contains some great facts about smoking addiction as well as some great tips about how to combat it.


Quit Smoking Cigarettes Through Definiteness of Purpose

Contemplating giving up smoking

There is a problem for those people who wish to quit smoking cigarettes. The problem stems from the addiction – and it is a problem of desire and definiteness of purpose.

Many hypnotists will argue only committed people will successfully give up smoking cigarettes

The problem is this, we are told again and again: IN ORDER TO GIVE UP SMOKING CIGARETTES YOU MUST WANT TO!!!!

But there is a problem and an internal hypocrisy to this all-encompassing, slightly arrogant statement. And that is, if all people need to do is to desire giving up smoking properly in order to quit, then people would quit as and when they want and nobody would ever have any problem quitting!

Every smoker knows this to be true

There comes a time, maybe after two or three years after starting smoking, maybe a lot longer after, when a smoker starts to hate their habit.

They hate the necessity of having to purchase cigarettes, they hate the feeling in their lungs in the morning, they hate the coughs and colds, heck, they even hate smoking the things!

As this point smokers have a definiteness of purpose. They want to give up smoking.

Why then do we always read the experts saying: “in order to give up smoking you must have a desire to stop smoking.”

Because, what happens when a smoker reads this? What do they think?

“Oh, I’ve got to want to stop smoking properly in order to give up? Well, I thought I wanted to give up, that’s why I’m reading this. But, hang on, I’ve wanted to give up for years but never managed it successfully.

Help! What if I’ve never really wanted to give up? Then that’s why I’ve failed so far? I’m a failure! I don’t really want to give up! I want to smoke now!”

I’ve got some news for the experts (who’ve never smoked): MOST SMOKERS WANT TO STOP SMOKING!

Definiteness of Purpose

Don’t worry if you’ve tried to give up and not managed it on occasions. It doesn’t mean that your will-power isn’t up to the job, or that you’re weaker than everybody else, or that you secretly want to carry on killing yourself with nicotine.

It’s an addictive substance! That’s where the confusion comes from. Don’t worry about the clarity of your desire to stop smoking! You are reading this, therefore you want to give up smoking.

This is why I worry about hypnotists who say that you have to really want to give up smoking in order for the hypnotism to work. This is just a get-out clause in case their work isn’t good enough.

According to Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich, the real winners of life have a clear and definite purpose of what they want and how they are going to get it.

In which case, we needn’t worry.

We know what we want and we know how to get it. We want to stop smoking cigarettes. We want to want to stop smoking cigarettes. And we will. It’s that easy.