Does Quit Smoking Hypnosis Work?

If you have settled on quitting smoking and adopting a healthier lifestyle, you might be going through the most challenging part: finding a method that really works for you. One that has become very popular is hypnosis. But does quit smoking hypnosis work? 

In this article, learn more about this method and how to practice it! 

Hypnosis: What Is It?

But first, what exactly is hypnosis? 

Hypnosis is an altered state of awareness. While practicing, the person appears to be in a trance or asleep. When it comes to clinical hypnosis, it can treat psychological and physical problems like pain and addiction issues. 

During the practice, you are conscious and aware of your surroundings. When in hypnosis, you are more relaxed and capable of concentrating as if you are in a meditative state, resulting in being more willing to accept suggestions such as giving up your smoking habit. 

But, don’t worry, you can not be obligated to do something you don’t want to. There is still a level of awareness that prevents you from blindly following any instructions. 

Scans have shown that there is actually more brain activity during hypnosis, allowing you to focus more on your goals, like quitting smoking. So, you still have to want to quit smoking and work on it. 

Does Hypnosis Really Work for Quitting Smoking?

Many studies evaluated the results of hypnosis in the process of quitting smoking. In 2008, a review of 59 distinct trials concluded that the practice could support different treatments. 

In 2019 a meta-study of 14 studies on the matter found that a hypnotherapy treatment can be as effective as behavioral interventions.

Therefore, although this practice doesn’t work 100% on its own to help you quit smoking, it works as a support method in your quitting journey when combined with other techniques.

How Does Quit Smoking Hypnosis Work?

During the cessation, the qualified therapist asks the patient to imagine what good things can result from quitting smoking. 

The person conducting it is called a hypnotherapist. They can help by suggesting things aligned with the patient’s goals, like getting rid of the cigarette smell or other different scenarios that showcase the benefits of quitting smoking. 

The Benefits of Hypnosis for Quitting Smoking

Hypnosis itself doesn’t make you quit smoking. You have to combine this practice with other methods and stick to your plan to stop smoking. However, it can help increase the desire to quit smoking and weaken the urge to smoke. 

It will make the cessation plan easier to follow and reinforce the other steps that you are taking to quit. 

So, even if it doesn’t help you stop altogether, it can help you in your journey. 

Is It Possible to Find Free Quit Smoking Hypnosis?

Maybe you don’t want or can invest in a hypnotherapist now, or you want to try free quit smoking hypnosis first. Well, it is easier to find free therapy sessions on Youtube. 

There are also apps like MindSetApp or others specifically for this goal, like Quite (Hypnosis to Stop Smoking). It is worth trying different kinds of sessions until you find one that works for you. 

However, a qualified hypnotherapist would be the best option as they train to handle this kind of situation.

What Are The Benefits Of Quit Smoking?

And if you still need more incentive to quit smoking, think about all the benefits of committing to this journey. The extra energy and health you will gain by stopping are great examples. 

Moreover, you are breaking a cycle and taking control of your life. You will taste and smell better and improve your dental and mouth health. All while enhancing your immune system and overall feeling healthier. 

Now that we’ve answered your “does quit smoking hypnosis work?” question, it’s time to take action and do the best for you and your health!

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