How to Overcome Smoking Health Problems

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It is very difficult to put an end to smoking. Today, you might find remedies in the market which might help in quitting this habit. If you really want to say ‘NO’ to smoke, try to change your lifestyle accordingly.


If you can’t stop smoking, there are many problems you need to face. Here are some of the health problems:

  •  A puff of cigarette contains different chemicals which might affect the whole system along with cells. In those different chemicals, there are around 80 essential chemicals which cause cancer. It affects most parts of the body.
  • Due to smoking, lungs are damaged massively, as these soft tissues come in direct contact with the toxins of cigar smoke. Once you get lung cancer, it is very tough to survive as there won’t be any chance of recovery and it increases trouble in breathing too.
  •  Some of the parts which get affected by smoking apart from the lungs are oral, kidney, cervical, leukaemia, bladder, liver, stomach and uterine canal etc.
  • At the time of pregnancy, smoking may increase chances of getting miscarriage. Obstructs the development of the baby or babies born with very low weight are associated with miscarriage.
  • There are many evidences proven that young people are mostly affected by smoking. It seems that if you start smoking at the age more than 11yrs, are expected to have an early death than people, who started at age after 20yrs.
  • Your appearance and your teeth get ruined, if you smoke regularly.
  • Some of the symptoms of withdrawing smoking are depression, anxiety, loneliness, short-tempered, feeling hungry and mood swing, sleeplessness etc.

Here are the some ways to overcome the health problems due to smoking:-

  • You need to understand the benefits of quitting this habit and decide on what basis you want to quit like for yourself, or for your family or for any health issues. Be mentally prepared, so that you can face any consequence easily with focus
  • Discuss with your family about this decision and take their support in order to get quick results.
  • Talk to your doctor about your opinion, and take some precautions and medicines if required.
  • Have a healthy diet and replace a cigarette with any fruit or sprouts etc., So that the thought of smoking may not reach your mind at all
  • Doing Regular exercises will release stress and give an opportunity to cope your body from unnecessary toxins letting into your body and would help you to get physical and mental strength back to normal
  • In yoga, go for breathing exercises like inhaling and exhaling for at least 5-10mins daily, which could help you
  • Get your teeth cleaned, as it will give a fresh look and motivates you to have a new look at your life
  • And last but not the least, drink lots of water as this is the only solution for flushing out the toxins and the chemicals from your body, in return helps to reduce the desire of smoking again
  • If you have strong determination to quit smoking, there are many communities or rehab centres, where in some work for free, but some might charge you for the same. Register yourself and in case if you need extra money to support you, you can opt for Short term loans.
  • Find out about our self-hypnosis and meditation method to give up smoking and be a happier person.

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