Yes, It Is Possible To Quit Smoking

Lots of people these days want to lead a healthier lifestyle. They try to change their food intake, physical activities, habits, and other aspects of day-to-day living. For many, there are really bad habits that are hard to break. One of these is smoking. And, contrary to popular opinion, stopping smoking cigarettes is can be achieved quickly and easily.

Many people are trying to choose a healthier lifestyle

You may be aware through the media that people have to suffer horrible withdrawal symptoms when quitting smoking. Many people are afraid to even take the first step when deciding to stop smoking because of the fear of the withdrawal symptoms. To overcome this, today’s market is now filled with different cigarette substitutes and other medications to help ease the transition from being a smoker to an ex-smoker.

First of all, quitting can be easy. It may be difficult for some; but, make no mistake, it can be easy for a great many people. It may include a straightforward desire to stop smoking and a conscious effort to keep cigarettes away from you. While it is important to keep cigarettes out of sight as much as possible it is also helpful to have a strong support system that includes family, friends, and co-workers who are committed to helping the smoker break the bad habit. They also help to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. These methods have been proven to be effective ways to motivate a person to stop.

Another way to stop smoking cigarettes is to take pills that reduce the pleasure of smoking. Over time as these pills take effect, smokers will feel and realize that there is really no point in continuing this habit. In addition, nicotine gum and patches are recommended by some (but not by me!). These contain smaller amounts of nicotine compared to the actual nicotine content of cigarettes. The intake of these gums and the use of patches must be reduced as weeks go by until such a time that the smoker is comfortable not having his or her nicotine fix anymore.

Smokers are encouraged to replace this bad habit with another habit that is more positive such as regular exercise. Whenever an urge to smoke is felt, smokers who are in the process of quitting can look for something else to do. Getting into an exercise program would be a good way to relieve withdrawal stress instead of lighting up a cigarette. Also, the money that might have been spent on a pack of cigarettes could be put away into a piggy bank.

There are many of the common sense suggestions like those above that many smokers have heard over and over. But, my experience of quitting was an extremely pleasurable one. I quit smoking easily in one day by using meditation and self-hypnosis. In order to learn how, fill in your email address in the box and receive a free e-book and MP3 that will explain everything.


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