The Main Effects of Quit Smoking: 4 Benefits of Stopping

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People who quit smoking often talk about how their health and life have changed. This change drives many people to follow the same steps. 

However, in the beginning, the effects of quit smoking may not be the best. But, over time, many health improvements will motivate you to try really hard.

If you are looking for reasons to change your life and get rid of this addiction, keep following the reading and find out how you can improve your quality of life!

The Main Effects of Quit Smoking: 4 Benefits of Stopping
The Main Effects of Quit Smoking: 4 Benefits of Stopping

The beginning is not always easy

Like any addiction, your body will need some time to adjust to living without the toxins it’s used to, but the good effects of quit smoking will come later.

During the first weeks, you might have an increased appetite and be more angry or anxious than usual. It’s the result of the cravings for smoking, and here is where you need to be strong and fight the battle with determination.

You can see improvement on the first day

This might be surprising for many people, but after only 20 minutes of quitting smoking, your body is already better. The American Cancer Society states that you can experience blood pressure dropping and heart rate slowing down.

After a few days, your blood’s carbon monoxide level will decrease and return to normal. High levels of carbon monoxide can lead to headaches, visual distortions, elevated heart rate, and reduced exercise tolerance, so you should feel healthier already.

Feeling better over the months

After three months of quit smoking, your lungs should be much healthier, and if you have any coughing symptoms, they should be reduced. Eating will also be a greater pleasure now since your sense of smell and taste will improve.

The lung function should be even better within a year, making breathing easier and preventing infections much more effectively. 

Around the second or third year’s mark, you should expect a reduced heart attack risk since the oxygen flows more easily through your bloodstream.

In a nutshell, your health will improve significantly after you’ve quit smoking for good.

The years will be good for you

The beginning may not be easy, but the end will make everything worth it! 

After five years, the risk of mouth, throat, and esophagus cancer will reduce, as well as the risk of cervical cancer in women. Around 50% of a smoker, which is a considerable improvement, and you can live your life less worried.

Over the years, the risk of other cancers will also be reduced, such as lung, larynx, stomach, liver, pancreas, and bladder cancer. 

Overall, your heart and lungs will be much healthier, giving you a better feeling when you breathe and exercise.