• How to Quit Smoking Spiritually – A Guide to Different Meditations
    If you were to ask yourself what are the most effective ways to quit smoking, you’d probably lean towards going cold turkey, patches, vaping, etc. However, quitting smoking is a war of the mind and starts with self-awareness. Once you become more aware of your thoughts and surroundings, it becomes easier to address the sabotage in […]
  • Mindfulness to Quit Smoking
    Once you’ve developed a nicotine dependency, it’s difficult to quit. What may have started out as having a few weekend puffs at the local bar has transformed into an unshakable habit. And once you try to beat that habit, the grasp of tobacco dependence holds you tight. Letting go of that grip will take some […]
  • Quitting Smoking With Meditation
    Meditation is a ritual we’ve all heard of but can be easily dismissed as pretentious. It’s important though to keep an open mind – if quitting smoking with meditation has worked for others, then surely it’s worth trying regardless of any notions we may have. Once you’ve started on your quit smoking journey, your body […]
  • Meditation to Stop Smoking Now!
    When you close your eyes and concentrate on what you’re experiencing you may find it causes you to ask yourself some pretty weird questions. “Where am I?” OK. It may seem obvious on the face of it. You’re in your living room, bedroom or wherever. But what evidence of that do you feel? You feel […]
  • More on Meditation to Stop Smoking
    Much of the hearsay evidence about smoking cessation is contradictory. How many people have you heard say “giving up smoking was the hardest thing I ever did”. On the other hand I’ve heard some say, “one day I just gave up”. What seems to be for sure is that everyone is different and what works […]
  • Mindfulness and Quitting Smoking Cigarettes
    Mindfulness is a Buddhist meditation method. Right or correct mindfulness is the 7th element of the noble eightfold path. You can use mindfulness to quit smoking cigarettes. Mindfulness can be defined as maintaining a calm awareness of the sensations and consciousness your experience in the present moment. So if, for example, you are walking along […]
  • How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes
    Smoking is a habit that permeates every aspect of life; from nights out to breaks at work, it is easy to become reliant on cigarettes as a crutch. Now you want to break that habit and improve your health and wellbeing but it seems like a mountain to climb. With both the physiological and psychological […]
  • Quit Smoking Cigarettes with Affirmations
    We have written many times on this site about using the subconscious mind when quitting smoking with self-hypnosis and meditation. But there is also much you can do to with affirmations to quit smoking. I could simplistically describe affirmations as conscious commands to your subconscious. Just by saying something you can actually effect some negative […]
  • Quit Smoking Using Meditation and Self-hypnosis
    The use of meditation and self-hypnosis in quitting addictive habits such as smoking is sadly underplayed in today’s cynical and hard-nosed society. At the most basic level it is simply affirmation of your desire to quit and all the excellent reasons that you should, lending strength and determination to what we know will be a […]
  • Meditation to quit smoking
    There is no specific way to do a meditation to quit smoking. Just normal “mindfulness” meditation will work. If you’ve tried meditation before and felt that it isn’t for you then it is never too late to start again. In fact, an old Buddhist monk told me once that no one actually “meditates”, people only […]