5 Foods That Reduce Nicotine Cravings

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Did you know some foods reduce nicotine cravings? This is definitely excellent news for anyone who wants to kick the bad habit in the most delicious way. 

Trillions of aspects begin to change and improve in your life when you quit smoking. One of them is how you enjoy the food, as your taste and smell improve when you stop smoking.

How about taking advantage of this by enjoying food and getting rid of something harmful to you? Definitely the best of two worlds!

All you got to do is read on to learn more about the foods that best do the job. Here we go!

Vegetables and Fruits

Eating vegetables and fruits serves as a trick for those who want to quit cigarettes. After all, what better way to give up smoking than not having more pleasure in doing so?

It turns out that fruits and vegetables worsen the flavor of cigarettes so that the cigarette will lose more of this attraction.

Also, these are healthy foods that will make you stronger and improve your health. In other words, only advantages!


When you’re putting down a cigarette, the urge to have something in your hands and lips takes a while to go away. Many people also report an increase in appetite.

How about putting all these elements together? Popcorn is an option that brings it all together as you need to pick up the food and chew it regularly. 

It’s an excellent substitute for keeping your hands and mouth occupied because, in addition to occupying you, it will help your satiety.

Frozen Fruits

Sweet cravings attack smokers, non-smokers, and quitters alike. For those in the latter group, the desire can be more intense as they contrast with the desire to pick up a cigarette.

Frozen fruit and its different forms is another option that calms the craving for sugar.

You can freeze grapes and use them as snacks. They have the same effect as popcorn in keeping you busy and satisfied.

Some other options are bananas, fruit bars, and fruit yogurt — all frozen and very sweet for you.

Gum, Candy, and Mints

One of the primary difficulties for quitting smoking is dealing with an empty mouth. This sensation immediately refers to the need to occupy the lips with a cigarette.

That’s why chewing gum, candy (especially the tough ones), and breath mints are great choices. They are called emergency foods.

They keep your mouth occupied and moving for much longer and contribute to your breath.

But give preference to those that are sugar-free. After all, you still need to take care of your teeth and body.

Quick Snacks

Have you ever noticed that your desire for a snack has increased? Of course, big meals are still ok, but small snacks always fill your eyes, right? Which may be a consequence of the fact that you are quitting smoking.

For this, you must always have snack options that are easily accessible. Fast snacks will keep you distracted from the urge to smoke, and be well-nourished.

Some of the options you can invest in are bagels, muffins, cereals, nuts, and more.

Now that you know some foods that reduce nicotine cravings make your picks and add them to your daily routine! 

And whenever you feel the desire to smoke, try eating some of the options and see the cravings reduce while you enjoy great food and improve your life habits.

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